ABC Toadstools is an activity in JumpStart Toddlers (2000). It is designed to teach the alphabet for toddlers.


The player can learn the letters of the alphabet at Mr. Mouse's house. In level one, the player only observes objects that come out of Mr. Mouse's house. The letter that the object's name begins with will appear on the house above. In level two, and object will appear and the player must identify the first letter of its name.

Digital manual description

Level 1: (Letter identification) Let's learn the letters of the alphabet with DeeDee and Mr. Mouse.

  • Press a letter key and that letter will appear on Mr. Mouse's Toadstool House along with an animated toy that begins with the letter.
  • Press any other key and a random letter will appear.
  • Or, move the cursor over the Toadstool's window, and a new letter will appear.

Level 2: (Letter matching and recognition) This time, the scene displays three toadstools. The ABC mice will ask you to help put away the toys that appear by matching them with the letters on the toadstools.

  • Press the letter key that corresponds with that letter. If correct, the toy will go into that toadstool.
  • Or, move the cursor to the toadstool that displays the letter that the toy name begins with. If correct, the toy will go into that toadstool.

Educational Benefits: Your child learns letter recognition and sound/symbol correspondence.

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