A Long Short Song is a song that appears in JumpStart Phonics Learning System.


A Long Short Song is one of the reward songs that the player unlocks by earning merit badges. The player can listen to the song at the Camp Readalot Headquarters.


Jsp long short song


Come and listen

To a long short song

All vowels can be short

Or can be long

Gonna give ya

A long short report:

All vowels can be long

Or can be short

Short A's in mat and sat and hat and a fat backpack on a black cat's back

Long A - play clay, fake snake, gray day

Short E's in bet and jet and net. Ten wet pets met for a tennis set.

Long E - see bee, green queen, three tree

Short I's in pick and lick and tick. In "six little chicks kicked fiddlesticks"

Long I - white kite, bike hike, nice mice

Can you hear it?

It's the long short blues

Can't have it both ways

You've got to choose

Short O's in hop and flop and bop. Let's stop and shop at the pop-top swap.

Long O - throw snow, old gold, row slow

Short U's in luck and puck and duck. The truck got stuck in the mucky guck.

Long U - cute flute, blue glue, rude dude

There you have it

It's the long short song

All vowels can be short

Or can be long

All vowels can be short

Or can be long

Song Credits

The song was composed and produced by Dragons, Cranes, and Butterflies pty. ltd., with lyrics by Andy Wolfenden.

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