The ambassador is a male human character who appears exclusively in the JumpStart Advanced 2nd-4th Grade: Mystery Club series.


The ambassador is a portly older man with curly gray hair and gray eyebrows. He wears gray pants, a dark gray blazer over a purple shirt with a white collar, a red bowtie and black and white wing tip shoes. He has a light maroon sash with a pink ribbon across his torso.

Personality and Characteristics

The ambassador values manners and class, and is quite sophisticated.

In the Games

JumpStart Advanced 3rd Grade: Mystery Club Vol. 2

The ambassador appears in the first case, Codebook Caper. According to the case file, he was attending a party at the Durberville Hotel when his top-secret codebook went missing.

In the witness game, this is what he likes:

  • Food: Soup
  • Drink: Coffee
  • Conversation Type: Ask Politely