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Atlantis is a location and activity in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders. It is designed to teach language arts concepts for second grade.




Atlantis is one of six locations that appears in CJ's field book. It is one of the locations which contains a Jewel Room, which CJ and Edison must access to obtain rubies and diamonds for their quest. The guardian of the Jewel Room of Atlantis is Eel.


The player controls CJ's submarine by using the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to drop and release the claw. A word with some of the letters missing will appear on the stone structure behind the sub. CJ will say the full word out loud. The player must then find the coin with the letters that correctly complete the word. The player must move the sub over the coin with the correct letter(s), drop the claw to grab it, carry the coin over to the vase, and then release the claw to drop it in. Once the vase has five coins, the activity is complete.

Digital manual description


Digital manual image

The Jewel Room in Atlantis lies many fathoms below the surface of the ocean. The Eel host will show you how to open the door.

Object - You must help CJ drop five coins from his submarine into the vase in order to open the door.

Gameplay - Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the submarine to the coin with the correct letter combination. Pick up the coin by pressing the spacebar. Move the submarine above the vase on the right hand side of the screen and drop the coin into the vase by pressing the spacebar again. Don't let the submarine get hit by sea creatures or air bubbles or else it will drop the coin.

Curriculum - Vowel Teams, Blends, Digraphs


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