Benjamin Franklin "B. F." Skinny is a male rat character who appeared in JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective.


B. F. Skinny is a regular-sized white rat who stands on two legs and has long arms and human-like hands. His body is triangular. His legs are virtually nonexistent - the corners of his body simply end in disc-shaped paws. He has a thick snout and a huge pink nose. His eyes have blue pupils and black eyebrows that usually fly above his head. He wears shirt cuffs despite not wearing a shirt, and also a red bow tie. He has a thick pink tail and rounded ears with pink insides. He possesses a visible belly button and knobby elbows represented by swirls.


B.F. Skinny gained the personality of a vaudeville entertainer after latching onto old comedy routines from the movies he used to watch in the lab, but has no short-term memory to convey simple thoughts, which resulted in him forgetting a lot of things. He later left town and became a national talk-show phenomenon.

B.F. Skinny often has nicknames for the people he meets, such as calling Jo "lady" and "kid" and calling the janitor a "guy with a broom".

In the Game

B.F. Skinny is the messenger of the whole operation. He delivers Martin's coded messages directly to Jo Hammet at the museum.

Voice Samples

5G bf skinny voice
From: JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective
Voice Credit: ?


  • "He can speak English, but latched onto the old comedy routines of the movies we used to watch in the lab. Now he only speaks in bad jokes and tired cliches, but you've gotta love the little guy!" - Martin



  • His full name is never revealed in the game, and instead the initials of his first name were used.
  • His name is a play on American scientist B. F. Skinner.

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