Banquet Hall is an activity in JumpStart Math for Second Graders. It is designed to teach logic and problem-solving skills at a second grade level.



CJ must serve Ratso's henchmen the food and drinks that they ask for.


Each one of Ratso's henchmen will describe what type of food or drink he wants. The attributes of the food or drink that each henchmen wants appears on a banner above his head. Four food or drink items will drop into CJ's hands. The player must click and drag the food or drinks and place one in front of each henchman. Each henchman's requirements must be fulfilled. There are three rounds: drinks, the main course, and dessert. The activity is completed once the player has finished all three rounds.

Digital manual description

2m banquet hall manual

Digital manual image

A hungry henchman is an angry henchman. And a stuffed henchman is much more likely to give the player a tip! With that in mind, do you think you and CJ might want to give these ravenous rats the meaty meals they desire? If you do, they'll probably leave you alone for awhile. Of course these guys are picky eaters, so it'll take all of your thinking skills to match up the meals with the mouth.

  • Each rat will let you know what he wants to eat. Listen carefully.
  • When the food drops into CJ's hands, it's up to you to get the right item in front of the rat who asked for it.
  • Drag the food to the correct place mat.
  • Serve all three rounds correctly, and these satisfied henchmen might just give you what you're looking for: a potion ingredient.

SKILLS: Solving problems, using logic

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