Beautiful Italy is a song that appears in JumpStart Around the World.


Beautiful Italy appears on a music CD that is a souvenir from Italy. Once the player has collected the souvenir, they can listen to the song by clicking on the souvenir in their scrapbook. It is set to the tune of "Funiculi, Funicula".


Atw beautiful italy


In Italy, we see the leaning tower of Pisa

We tilt our heads, it looks just right

In Italy, we go to Venice, eat some pasta,

and take a ride, a gondola ride

Make a pizza, toss it in the air

Take a slice and eat it anywhere

Tra la la la, Italia è molto bella, tra la la

Italy is beautiful, tra la la la la la

Song Credits

Beautiful Italy is an original JumpStart song that was composed by Bruce Zimmerman, and was produced and mixed by Joel Gould, Edgar Gresores, and Jeff Zweig.

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