Blocks is an activity in JumpStart Preschool (1999). It is designed to teach about colors, shapes and sizes at a preschool level. It is accessed by clicking on the buckets of blocks from the classroom screen.



Casey's roughhousing has caused Kisha's blocks to be scattered all over the floor, and she needs help putting the blocks away in the correct buckets.


The blocks on the floor must be sorted into the correct buckets based on their attributes. Each bucket has a picture on it which shows what type of block belongs in it. The blocks can come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The player has to click on a block to pick it up, then move the mouse over a bucket and click again to put it away. The activity is completed when the player has put away all the blocks.

Difficulty level differences

  • Level one: Blocks come in two colors (red and blue), two shapes (squares and circles), and one size (large).
  • Level two: Blocks come in three colors (red, blue and green), three shapes (circles, triangles and squares), and one size (small).
  • Level three: Blocks come in four colors (red, yellow, blue and green), four shapes (circles, rectangles, squares and triangles), and two sizes (large and small).

Digital manual description

Pre99 blocks manual

Digital manual image


Oh no! The mischievous Casey has done it again! He’s spilled the blocks all over the floor and Kisha needs your help putting them away.

  • Look at the differently shaped and colored blocks.
  • Put the correct blocks back into the bucket that has a picture of the same shaped and colored block.
  • To pick up the block, click on it. Drag it to the top of the corresponding bucket. Click again to drop it in. Keep doing so until you have put away all the blocks.


  • Level 1 uses the colors red and blue, the shapes squares and circles, and the size large.
  • Level 2 uses the colors red, blue and green, the shapes circles, triangles and squares, and the size small.
  • Level 3 uses the colors, red, yellow, blue and green, the shapes circles, rectangles, squares and triangles, and the sizes both small and large.

Educational Benefits

Your child learns colors, shapes and sizes.


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