The Book Club is an activity in JumpStart 1st Grade (2000). Ms. Nobel will choose a book to read and asks you a question if you finish reading the story. There are books on the shelf. You will get a Star if you read 2 Stories each, and earning 4 stars will get you a Treasure Hunt Clue. It appears to be based on Reading is Fun-damental from the 1995 version.


  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Jack Be Nimble
  • Little Miss Muffet
  • Little Bo Peep
  • Little Jack Horner
  • Pat-a-Cake
  • Jack & Jill
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Georgie Porgie
  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Soda Pop (Glynnis Campbell)
  • Triangles, Circles & Rectangles (Mark Beckwith)
  • Odd Todd & Even Steven (Glynnis Campbell)
  • The Teddy Bear Tea (Glynnis Campbell)
  • The One That Got Away (Glynnis Campbell)


  • Free Read
  • Read Again


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