The Boulder Canyon Mine Shaft is a location and activity in JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective. It is designed to teach history.

In the Game

The Boulder Canyon Mine Shaft is a location in Hooverville. Maggie Mead works here.

In the activity, Jo Hammet needs to go into the mines and bring up items for Maggie's studies. There are three levels to the mines, each getting older further down. Maggie needs one item from each level. Move Jo with the arrows keys. Push the A key to jump, and push the Z key to duck. Press the spacebar when she walks over an object to examine it. Pick up the items that Maggie has asked for. Then bring them up to her. Watch out for rolling boulders. If one hits Jo, she loses some health. If the health meter gets too low, she'll have to return to the surface for medical attention.


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