Bouncing Shapes is an activity in JumpStart Toddlers (1996). It is designed to teach basic shapes and colors at a toddler level.


The player can click on a shape to make it appear inside the black screen. When the shape is clicked on, its color and shape are announced. Pressing a key on the keyboard activates a random shape. The shape will bounce around the black screen for a certain amount of time, and each time it bounces off a side of the screen, a musical note plays. After a certain amount of time, the shape will disappear.

There are four types of shapes (circle, triangle, square, and diamond), and each shape comes in five colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue).

Digital manual description


Digital manual image

"Pick a color, pick a shape, watch me bounce, bouncing's great!"

Select colorful shapes and enjoy their musical harmonies.

Click on a shape, and its color and shape are announced.
Touch the keyboard to activate a random shape.
Listen to the different musical note each shape makes as it bounces.
After a period of time elapses, the shapes will clear.

Educational and Developmental Benefits

This activity exposes your toddler to basic shapes and colors. The ability to recognize and differentiate shapes is a pre-reading skill. The music sounds stimulate your toddler to follow the different shapes as they move around the screen.

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