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The Bulletin Board is an activity in JumpStart Preschool (1995). It is accessed by clicking on the Bulletin Board in the classroom. It is designed to teach phonics and letter recognition for preschoolers.


Kisha will hold up a card with a picture, letter, or word on it. The player must click on one of the four cards on the bulletin board that corresponds to Kisha's card.

Digital manual description

Learn about pictures, letters and letter sounds by matching flashcards on the bulletin board.

Click on the Bulletin Board which contains the picture and the word "ball" in the classroom. The purpose of this game is to match the images on the flashcards with the one in Kisha's paw. Kisha the Koala Bear will be at the Bulletin Board waiting to play with you. At the higher levels, you will be asked to either find the letter or the letter sound which begins the word on the flashcard in Kisha's paw.

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