Ad2m captain cropped

First Appearance:

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Mystery Club Vol. 1





Voiced by:

Tom Keegan

The captain is a male human character who appears in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Mystery Club Vol. 1.


The captain is an elderly man with light gray hair and a mustache. He wears a white sea captain's uniform and white shoes.


The captain is jolly and has a good sense of humor. He often talks about his past experiences at sea.

In the Game

The captain appears in the third case, "It's a Snap". When you play the witness game, this is what he likes:

  • Food: Soup
  • Drink: Water, Tea, Juice
  • Conversation type: Be funny


  • "By jove, it's cold as last year's Christmas pudding in here! I remember, because I spilled it all over my uniform."
  • "Tea is highly civilized. That's why I like it. Keeps me from turning into a wild animal and howling at the moon."
  • "Ah. You're being far too easy on me. What I appreciate is a good laugh."
  • "Don't be so stuffy. I'd rather loosen up, and talk off the record."


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