Chippy's Shapes Song is a song that first appeared in JumpStart Toddlers (2000).


In JumpStart Toddlers (2000), Chippy's Shapes Song plays when the player clicks on the musical note icon while at Chippy's tree house. In World of JumpStart, the song can be played from the Jukebox, where it is alternatively titled, "Shapes of Life".

The song teaches about different kinds of shapes.


Jst2000 shapes song


Have you noticed the circle

in a full moon at night?

Or the shape of a cherry

right before you take a bite?

Are there squares in the window?

Or the box on the floor?

Look around you ...

Do you see any more?

Take a crayon and draw a face.

Do you think it's an oval?

With your finger can you trace

all the shapes that you know?

When you look up above you,

are there clouds in the sky?

Do you see any circles

as they go floating by?

There are shapes all around us

For you and me...

Ovals, diamonds...

Squares and rectangles...

Circles, triangles

Which shapes do you you see?

Do you see?

Song Credits

Composed and produced by Randy Hale

Lyrics by Adryan Russ

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