Chippy's Treehouse is an activity in JumpStart Toddlers (2000). It is designed to teach about shapes at a toddler level.


DeeDee's friend Chippy makes lots of shapes and toys out of wood in his treehouse. Chippy has several boxes for different kinds of shapes. The player can make a certain shape by choosing one of the boxes.

Difficulty Level Differences

  • Level one: The player can freely create shapes by using the keyboard or mouse.
  • Level two: The player must select the shapes that Chippy needs to make a toy.

Digital manual description

Level 1: ( Shape-making) Help DeeDee's friend Chippy make colorful shapes.

  • Press any key and Chippy will make a circle, rectangle, square, diamond or oval.
  • Or, move the cursor to a box at the bottom of the screen and Chippy will make that shape.

Level 2: (Shape selection and matching) This time, help Chippy find the shapes he needs to finish making a toy.

  • Using the cursor, select the shape Chippy needs from the box and guide it to where it belongs on Chippy's toy plan.

When all the shapes are in place, Chippy will complete the toy and an animation will follow.

Educational Benefits: Your child practices shape identification and beginning geometric thinking.