Pres-new color land
Pres-new color world stamp

Color World's stamp

Color World is a location in JumpStart Preschool (1999). It is a place that the player can take a magical train ride to.

Features and Stamp

Color World has four areas. Each area is primarily one color- green, blue, yellow, and red. There are four drop-like characters, each one representing a color. Green and Blue are girls. Yellow and Red are boys. At first they are all dissatisfied because they only associate their colors with negative things. Red feels that he represents anger, Blue feels that she represents sadness, Yellow feels that he represents cowardice, and Green feels that she represents envy. Then they are reminded of good things that they are the color of, and they all feel a new sense of self-appreciation.

The stamp that appears in the player's passport after visiting looks like a paintbrush and a rainbow.


Verse 1

I’m seeing red

Are you hearing what I said?!

I’m the color of a hunk of burning coal

But you’re also the color of a cherry jellyroll

You’re right, hey I feel wonderful instead

Verse 2

I’m feeling blue

Oh, my life’s a big boo-hoo

For blue can bring a tear to every eye

It’s also the color of the sea and the sky

Why yes – I’m feeling better, thanks to you.

Verse 3

Me, I am yellow

I’m a very frightened fellow

Being yellow as a chicken is no fun

But yellow’s the color of a the fire and the Sun

Hey now I feel so brave that I could bellow

Verse 4

I’m feeling green

Every color that you’ve seen

Is much brighter and much fancier than me

But green is the color of a the field and a tree

Well gosh, that makes me grander than a queen


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