The Computer is an activity in the Clubhouse in JumpStart 2nd Grade. It doesn't teach any educational concepts.



At the computer, the player can type anything they wish using their keyboard. The player's text appears on the computer screen. The computer also has two buttons: a clear button, and a print button. Clicking on the clear button clears away all of the player's text. The print button allows the player to print out what they have typed.

This activity doesn't have difficulty levels, nor does it award the player any points.

Digital manual description

Use the computer in the clubhouse to write anything you want. Type from your own keyboard and print out your work with the Print Button. You can clear the screen by clicking the Clear Button. Try typing your own letter to a family member or friend. Note: Text cannot be saved. You will not be able to get the text back once you clear the screen.

You can clear the screen by clicking the Clear button.

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