Consonant Concert is a song that appears in JumpStart Phonics Learning System.


Consonant Concert is one of the reward songs that the player unlocks by earning merit badges. The player can listen to the song at the Camp Readalot Headquarters.


Jsp consonant concert

Song Lyrics

Consonants are letters that we place around a vowel

They give the vowel shape, just like the T you hear in "towel"

A vowel is an open sound just like the "oo" in toot

A consonant can shape it like the buttons of a flute

The Consonant Concert is coming to town

The band's getting ready to play

These consonants conjure up wonderful sounds

That soon will be coming your way

The Bs will be banging

The Cs will be clanging

The Ds will be drumming the drum

The Fs will be flowing

The Gs will be glowing

From H you'll be hearing a hum

You'll jump to the J

And you'll kick to the K

With the Ls you'll be longing to leap

The M won't be mum

And the N won't be numb

And the P is preparing to peep

The Qs may be quiet

But Rs are a riot

The Ss are singing their scales

There'll be tones from the T

And a voice from the V

And the W's waiting to wail

And last but not least

Are the X, Ys and Zs

Now the consonant band is complete

The Consonant Concert

Is ready to roll

Get ready to jump to your feet

Song Credits

The song was composed and produced by Dragons, Cranes, and Butterflies pty. ltd., with lyrics by Andy Wolfenden.

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