Counting in the Pond is a song that appears in JumpStart Toddlers (2000).


Counting in the Pond plays when the player clicks on the musical note icon while at the Lily Pond. The song teaches about counting.


Jst2000 pond song


Look at the fish go swimming by in the pond.

They do a dance for you and me,

Look at them wiggle as they swim in the pond

Count! How many can you see?

Look at the frogs! They love to play in the pond.

Hear how they croak as they say, "Hi!"

Do you see more than one or two in the pond?

Add them up as they go by.

One, two - three, four, five...

Touch the snails - they come alive!

Six, seven - eight, nine, ten...

This is fun - let's start again.

Here come the turtles having fun in the pond.

How many in this family?

So many diff'rent splashy friends in the pond.

Count the ones you see...

Ready? One...two...three!

What a happy place to be.

Song Credits

At Grandma's House is an original JumpStart song composed and produced by Randy Hale, with lyrics by Adryan Russ.

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