Shsb crab icon

The button on the main menu which the user clicks to access the game

Asteroid Smash is an activity in JumpStart Study Helpers Math Booster. It is intended to teach spelling for 1st-5th graders.


Crabs are swimming around, each carrying a golden coin which they have stolen. Each coin is labeled with a letter. A word will be spoken, and will also be displayed at the bottom of the screen, but with between one and three letters missing (depending on the Game Play level). The user must shoot a bubble at each crab carrying a coin labeled with a letter needed to complete the word, which will encapsulate the crab in a bubble and cause it to drop its coin as it floats away grumpily. (If a crab carrying a coin labeled with an incorrect letter is shot, the bubble will instead encapsulate the coin and it will float away with the crab sticking out its tongue and still holding onto it.) The number of points which the user receives from each crab shot is also displayed, with the amount depending on how close to the "fourth wall" the crab is when it is shot. If it is shot while it is very far away, it will yield 150 points; if it is shot when it is very nearby, it will yield 75 points; in-between, it will yield 100 points. The user can also shoot other sea creatures for bonus points.


The user clicks to shoot.

Difficulty level differences

Skill (academic) level

See JumpStart Study Helpers Spelling Bee#Content Chooser levels; also supports custom lists made with the editor

Game Play level

  • Easy: Six questions must be answered to complete the activity. The crabs move slowly. Words have one letter missing.
  • Medium: Eight questions must be answered to complete the activity. The crabs move at a moderate pace. Words have two letters missing.
  • Hard: Ten questions must be answered to complete the activity. The crabs move quickly. Words have three letters missing.

Digital manual description

ZsZapperBkg Spell

Digital manual image

Game Play Instructions

The greedy crabs have stolen Frankie's Golden Letter Doubloons! Help Frankie get his underwater treasure back by bubble-shooting the crabs that carry the letters missing from the spelling words. You can also earn more points by stopping the undersea crooks cruising around.


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