Cypress is a male elf character who appears in JumpStart Magic & Mythies.


Cypress has dark hair in a pompadour hairstyle and light purple eyes. Like all of the other elves, he has two insect-like antenna sticking out of his head, and long pointy ears. He wears a black jacket over a yellow shirt, dark purple pants, and black boots.

Personality and Characteristics

Cypress is the prince of the underground city Sootville. He possesses the element of metal.

Growing up, Cypress could have nearly anything he wanted, and quickly became skilled at many elven arts. However, his father, the king, has always been very demanding of Cypress, and still considered Cypress to be a disappointment despite his proficiency. Cypress has wanted his father's attention and praise for many years.

Ever since Cypress joined the League of Mages, he has constantly challenged Asher's role as leader, and firmly believes that he should be the leader of the elves. He has not formed many close bonds, and often teases or dismisses the other elves. His only close partner is his loyal StingWing Mythie named Blade. Cypress prefers to do things on his own, however, he is also dedicated to helping solve problems that the league faces, and will contribute to the team's efforts. He can be quite clever and resourceful, and often finds creative solutions to problems.

Cypress likes humans, and he frequently visits Earth for its food and music.


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