Division is a song that appears in JumpStart Math for Second Graders.


Division plays when the player clicks on one of the tapestries in the castle. The song teaches about division.


Division song


Four squires

sat at the dining hall.

They had a big ole pie,

and one of 'em wanted it all.

Four squires

sat at the dining hall

They had a big ole pie,

and one of 'em wanted it all.

"I'm a big guy,

can't you see?

I need the whole pie.

It's just for me!"

The others revolted.

They were terribly insulted.

The whites of their eyes

turned yellow as smoke,

and they pounded their fists,

and they spat as they spoke.

Drawn in by the noise,

a knight stood by,

and with knightly poise

he uttered a sigh.

He said, "listen to me

you're confused I see,

about the meaning of the word


You've gotta take one thing

and divide it into many,

or someone gets it all

and the others don't get any

You've gotta take one thing

divide it and count,

and see that everybody

gets the same amount.

Song Credits

Division is an original JumpStart song composed and performed by Andrea Perry, who also provided the song lyrics. Additional vocals were provided by Aaron Tucker.

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