The Easel is an activity in JumpStart Preschool (1999). It is designed to teach number, letter, and shape recognition at a preschool level.


Kisha has painted many pictures and hidden various letters, numbers, and shapes in her artwork. The player must find the hidden numbers, letters, or shapes in her paintings.


Kisha will ask the player to find a certain letter, number, or shape in the painting. The number, letter, or shape that Kisha wants will also appear on a sign next to her canvas. The player moves the mouse over Kisha's paintings to find hidden numbers, letters, or shapes. Moving the mouse over a number, letter, or shape makes it blink red. The player must click on all of the correct letters, numbers, or shapes. The activity is completed when the player has found them all.

Difficulty level differences

  • Level one: The letters A-G, the numbers 1-5, and squares and circles are taught.
  • Level two: The letters H-P, the numbers 1-10, and squares, circles and triangles are taught.
  • Level three: The letters A-Z, the numbers 1-20, and squares, circles, triangles and rectangles are taught.

Digital manual description

Pre99 easel manual

Digital manual image


Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on this one. Find all of the letters, numbers or shapes that Kisha has hidden in her art.

  • Kisha will point to the letters, shapes or numbers that she has hidden in her painting.
  • Find the hidden letters, shapes or numbers in Kisha’s painting. When you find one, click on it!
  • Click on the three paint buckets below the easel labeled ABCs, 123s and shapes to switch between skills.


  • Level 1 teaches the letters A-G, the numbers 1-5, and the shapes squares and circles.
  • Level 2 teaches the letters H-P, the numbers 1-10, and the shapes squares, circles and triangles.
  • Level 3 teaches the letters A-Z, the numbers 1-20, and the shapes squares, circles, triangles and rectangles.

Educational Benefits

Your child learns ABCs, 123s and shapes.


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