Egypt is a location and activity in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders. It is accessed by clicking on the Egypt icon in CJ's field book, and it is designed to teach language arts concepts at a second grade level.


To access a Jewel Room, the player must reach the center of an Egyptian temple after solving the Sphinx's riddle. Several magic carpets with words on them will float about the room. The player must read the sentence on the wall, then choose the carpet with the word that correctly fills in the blank. There are two rounds. After completing both rounds, the player can access the Jewel Room.

Digital manual description


Digital manual image

The Sphinx guards the Egyptian Jewel Room. You must meet his challenge before he'll let you enter.

Object - You must complete eight sentences for the Sphinx before he will let you enter the Jewel Room.

Gameplay - The sentence on the wall is missing a word. Click on the flying carpet that holds the correct word and then drag the carpet over to the blank. Click the carpet on blank to fill it with the chosen word.

Curriculum - Plurals, Past Tense Verbs


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