Field Trips are an activity and a location in JumpStart 1st Grade (1995).


The player gets to take the school bus to either the beach or the zoo for a field trip. Once the player reaches a destination, they can freely interact with the location.


The field trips have two parts: the school bus ride, and interacting at the destination. A map will appear over the windshield of the bus, and the player must use the arrow keys on the steering wheel to plan a route for the bus to take. The bus must either end up at the beach or the zoo for the route to be complete. Once the route has been decided, the map is out away, and the bus will start to move. Mrs. Flores will appear driving a truck a few times when the player is in the bus. Her truck will have a question on it, and a box with answers will appear inside the bus. This is the only educational part of the Field Trips activity.

Once the player has reached the destination, he or she is free to click around on anything to see animations. The beach also has a radio which plays songs (to which an orange crab appears out of the sand and dances).

Digital manual description

From the hallway, click on the Field Trip Bus sign to turn toward the bus. Click again to go into the bus.

Where do you want to go today? Click on the directional arrows on the steering wheel to move the bus on the map.

You can visit the Zoo or the Beach. Both places are full of funny cartoons and songs that you're sure to enjoy.

Once you've mapped out your route, the bus begins to travel. When you get to a red light, Mrs. Flores will ask you a question.

If you answer the question correctly, you receive points toward milk caps.

To go back into the bus, click on the big Red Arrow in the upper, left corner of the screen.


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