Flap is a male bat character who appeared in JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island. He is commonly seen as the mascot for that game.


Flap has purple fur, darker purple eyebrows, and a darker purple tuft of scruffy hair on top of his head. He has large eyes, a small pointed nose,  pointy ears, and a wide mouth with two small fangs. Although he has bat wings, he also has small human-like hands, which each have three fingers. He also has wide, flat feet.


In the game, Flap is friendly and helpful, and he shows concern for the player and the Kids who were transformed into monsters. He knows the Haunted Island extremely well and is able to find his way around while avoiding Ms. Grunkle.

A biography for Flap on the old Knowledge Adventure website described more of his past and personality. It stated that he used to be a child until Ms. Grunkle cast a spell on him that turned him into a bat. The bio described Flap as someone who considers himself to be everyone's best friend. The bio also mentioned that one of Flap's favorite pastimes is hanging upside down from tree branches and singing "Old MacDonald", and that he is a vegetarian, since he says that he doesn't have the heart to eat another animal. [1]

In Games

JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island (1996)

Flap serves as the player's guide. He can help the player by giving advice, and he explains how the game's activities are played. He has his own icon in the toolbar in the bottom of the screen. If the player clicks on it, he appears to help. He will always greet the player when they sign in or start a new game.

Voice Samples

4h flap voice
From: JumpStart Adventures 4th Grade: Haunted Island
Voice Credit: Tony Pope


  • "Ms. Grunkle locked the kids in the attic of her house on the other side of the island. I managed to escape, but she's hot on my trail, so I have to keep a low profile."
  • "Personally, I hate spelling bees. They're about as much fun as hanging upside-down in the dark for hours…oh, I forgot, that's what I do."


  • Flap's vocal performance is based on horror film actor Peter Lorre.
  • In the Mummy's Tomb activity, Flap mentions that he likes eating falafel.



  1. JumpStart. (1998). Mrs. Grunkle and Flap's Page. Knowledge Adventure. Archived February 4, 1998. Retrieved May 19, 2016.

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