Foot Frenzy is a recurring activity found in JumpStart (online game) and JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island. It is a rhythm/dancing game in which players must press the arrow keys (or flick their remote in the 4 cardinal directions in the Wii versions) as soon as they scroll across the screen to the arrow outline in order to make their Jumpee dance to a simple tune. It doesn't appear to have any obvious educational value, aside from perhaps improving hand-eye coordination.

In the online game, it is found in AdventureLand. In JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island, it is found on the island.

It has three game play difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.


  • Jumpeez

List of Songs

JumpStart (online game)

Italicized songs are available for non-members.

  • Hops B-Bop
  • Haystack Hoedown
  • Big Band Boogie
  • Funky Fun Disco Dance
  • Rock Out Loud
  • Tapping Two Step
  • JumpStart Jives
  • JumpStart House Hits




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