The Forge is an activity in JumpStart Math for Second Graders. It is designed to teach fractions at a second grade level.


A potion ingredient is stored inside of a chest which requires three keys to open it. CJ and Edison must create keys with the castle's forge.


First, the player must select a key mold. The icon on the mold must match the icon on the lock that the player wants to unlock. Then the correct amounts of metal must be placed on the tray and the tray. The amounts that the plate and tray must contain are indicated by banners. Then the player must click on CJ to make the key. After the key is forged, the player must put the key in the matching lock. The activity is complete once all three locks on the chest have been opened.

Digital manual description

2m forge manual

Digital manual image

Ready to test your mettle? The forge is where the castle's rare metal items are made. There's a potion ingredient inside the chest, but unfortunately, the chest requires three keys to open it. There are no keys, but isn't this a perfect place to make them? You've got to choose the right mold. Then, you've got to follow the recipe to make the key out of the proper amounts of different types of metals.

  • To begin, select a key mold by clicking on it. The icon on the mold must match the icon on the lock you want to open.
  • Read the amounts of metal needed for the key you wish to make. The amounts are displayed on the banners.
  • Place the correct amounts of each metal in the measuring areas: the plate and the tray.
  • After you've added the metal and are ready to make the key, click on CJ.
  • After the key has been forged, drag the key to its matching lock.
  • Correctly forge all three keys to unlock the chest.

SKILLS: Fractions

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