Frankie's Paint-Along Songs is an activity in JumpStart Artist. It is designed to teach art concepts for ages 5-8. It is accessed by clicking on Frankie's tent at the art fair.


The player must help Frankie finish some movies. The player can choose one of four movies, each of which showcases a different location: Africa, Egypt, China, and Mexico. Each movie requires the player to complete three frames. The player can freely draw and paint in the frames, using the same tools from the Your Personal Art Studio and Gallery activity, and then click on the Done Horn when finished.

Once the three frames have been completed, the player can save the movie and watch it at the theater with the JumpStart gang. For each movie the player completes, they will be rewarded with a piece for one of Kisha's art rides.

Digital manual description

Select a Movie

Frankie's animation artist has the flu, and he needs your help to finish some movies! Choose a musical adventure from Africa, Egypt, China, or Mexico by clicking on one of the movie posters. Or, play a movie you've already finished by clicking on the movie portfolio at the base of the posters. Select the movie you'd like to play and then click on the Play button.

Paint the Movie Frames

Each movie has three frames that need finishing. Use the painting and drawing tools, then click on the Done Horn when you're finished with each frame. Finish all three frames, save the movie, and you can join the whole JumpStart gang in the movie theater to watch the premiere!

The tools are the same painting and drawing tools detailed in Your Personal Art Studio. The Movie Portfolio works a little bit differently. If you'd like to finish or edit a movie you've already done, open your Movie Portfolio, select the movie you'd like to work on, and then click on the Finish/Edit button. You can pick up where you left off on an unfinished movie, or create a new movie based on one you've already completed. If you'd like to start over on a frame you are currently working on, just use the eraser to clear the template. To print a movie, select the movie you'd like to print from your portfolio, click on the Finish/Edit button so that the movie appears in your workspace, then click on the Print button.

Watch Your Movie

Now for the premiere! Watch your paintings come to life in these musical adventures. Each completed movie earns you a rewards piece for Kisha's Rides.

Educational Skills

  • Art Production
  • Art Evaluation and Presentation

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