Give the Dog a Bone is an activity in JumpStart Toddlers (1996).


The player helps give the dog the items he asks for.


The dog will ask for one of several items. The mouse cursor automatically becomes the item he asked for, and the player must move the cursor to the dog's mouth. Then the dog will ask for another item, and the process repeats until all of the items have been given to the dog.

There are six kinds of items: a bone, a biscuit, a ball, a newspaper, a shoe, and a squeaky hot dog. Each item has several different appearances.

Digital manual description


Digital manual image 1

"Knick-knack, woof-woof, feed the dog a bone! Patty-wack, woof-woof, do it on your own!"

Giggles needs your help to feed the doggie. Just move your mouse to get started!

Listen to what item the doggie asks you to give him.

Some examples:


Move the mouse and the cursor automatically becomes the requested item!

Move the item toward the doggie's mouth and watch it disappear.

Press the keyboard, Giggles will appear to remind you to use the mouse.

Continue playing until the doggie thanks you for getting him all that he wanted.

Play again! A new group of treats automatically appears. Can your child recognize them?

Educational and Developmental Benefits

Toddlers love to be helpful. This activity builds early computer skills by simplifying use of the mouse. The child uses the mouse to move objects on-screen without having to click. Your toddler associates spoken words with objects, by following the dog's simple requests. The pointing enhances hand-eye coordination, concentration and basic cognitive skills.

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