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The gopher is a male character who first appeared in JumpStart Kindergarten (1994).


The gopher more closely resembles a normal animal, since he isn't anthropomorphic. He originally had sandy brown fur and looked fairly realistic.

In JumpStart Kindergarten (1998), he has slightly more cartoonish anatomy and darker brown fur.


The gopher is a mischievous troublemaker. He loves to eat plants from Hopsalot's garden.

In the Games

JumpStart Kindergarten (1994/1998)

The gopher appears in both games in Hopsalot's Garden. In "Gopher Fun - The Counting Game", the gopher steals Hopsalot's plants. You have to hurry and pick plants for Hopsalots before the gopher eats too many. In "Wacky Water - Making Patterns", the gopher will eat all of Hopsalot's plants if you get the answer wrong.

Voice Samples

K98 gopher voice
From: JumpStart Kindergarten (1998)
Voice Credit: ?


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