Grandma's Flower Garden is a song that appears in JumpStart media.


"Grandma's Flower Garden" first appeared in JumpStart Toddlers (2000). It plays when the player clicks on the musical note icon while at the Grandma's Flower Garden activity screen.

The song also appears in World of JumpStart, where it is listed on the Jukebox as "Grandma's Garden".

The song is designed to teach about colors.


Jst2000 flowers song


Did you know there is magic in the ground

all around us in Grandma's garden?

With water and sun, bright flowers grow

While they put on a color show.

Look at me! I'm yellow.

Hello! I'm red.

I'm a bluer blue than the sky.

All together we look like a rainbow

to the butterfly fluttering by.

There's a ladybug sitting on a leaf

And a hummingbird hums to greet us

As the grasshopper hops and stops to see

The most beautiful place to be.

Look at me! I'm purple.

Hello! I'm orange.

I'm a greener green than the grass.

All together we are a picture

Painted on colored glass.

How would you like to be a brand new flower?

Make magic in Grandma's garden?

Watch all the creatures say hello

Breathe in fresh air

Blossom and grow...

Make new friends there

As you put on a color show.

Song Credits

Composed and produced by Randy Hale

Lyrics by Adryan Russ

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