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Help the Caterpillars Crawl Home is an activity in JumpStart Math for First Graders. It is intended to teach estimation and measurement skills at a first grade level.


Mrs. Butterfly needs to help her caterpillar children get to the cocoon so they can become butterflies. To get to the cocoon, they must traverse the branches of the bush they are in, but there are gaps in the branches that the player must fill using sticks. A bone is won after four caterpillars are successfully enter the cocoon.

Difficulty level differences

On level 1, each gap must be filled with one stick of various lengths. On levels 2 and 3, the user must click on arrows to change the length of the stick used.

Digital manual description

Uh oh! The only way these crazy, crawly caterpillars can reach their cozy cocoons is by climbing the branches of the beautiful bush. But Frankie wrecked the bush. Can you help Frankie put branches back to make a path for the caterpillars?

  • Watch where the caterpillar is headed, then drag the right-sized stick into place to make a bridge between two branches. For level 2 and level 3, you will have to click on the leaves with arrows to make the stick longer or shorter.
  • If the stick is too long, or too short, it won't stay, and the caterpillar might crawl right off. You've got to make the stick the right size.
  • Bridges can be horizontal or vertical.
  • When you have gotten four caterpillars safely into the cocoon, you willl (sic) earn one bone!

SKILL: Measuring, estimating length

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