Lang hiroshi
Hiroshi in JumpStart Languages

First Appearance:

JumpStart Languages





Voiced by:

Fumiko Hamada

Hiroshi is a male snow monkey character who appears exclusively in JumpStart Languages.


Hiroshi has white fur, and a pink face and hands. He wears a white jersey over a red T-shirt, a white sash across his torso with a red circle in the center, red shorts, and red and white sneakers. His design incorporates the color scheme and design elements of the Japanese national flag.

In the Game

Hiroshi is the host of the Japanese Pavilion.


  • At one point in the Challenge Mode for the Dress-the-Puppet game, there is a dialogue mistake where Kisha unintentionally calls Hiroshi "Chloe" and refers to him as a "her" when she tells the player to click on Hiroshi to repeat his request.
  • Hiroshi is the only male Pavilion character, and the only one to use footwear.
    • The latter is ironic because in Japanese culture, shoes are not supposed to be worn indoors.
  • Hiroshi is the only Pavilion character whose language did not originate in Europe.

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