Hopsalot's Invention Lab is an activity in JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade: Fundamentals.


The villainous Dr. O has caused trouble in various parts of JumpStartville. At Hopsalot's invention lab, the player must assemble gadget pieces to activate Hopsalot's invention. When the invention is activated, it will fix the problem created by Dr. O, and restore that part of JumpStartville to its original state.


The goal of each lab is to activate Hopsalot's invention by maneuvering a ball to the invention. Gadget pieces can be placed anywhere on the screen, and each kind of gadget piece provides a specific function. When the player clicks on the green Go button, the ball will drop. The gadget pieces must be arranged in a certain way to move the ball towards the invention. The invention will activate as soon as the ball comes into contact with it.

The activity has a practice mode which can be accessed by clicking on the door behind CJ at JumpStart Headquarters. In the practice mode, the player already has gadget pieces available to practice with. The game play is the same as the regular invention labs, except that the player is activating Hopsalot's inventions intended for everyday use: the Carrot Juice Maker, Shoe Shiner, Electric Toothbrush, Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, Indoor Weather Vane, and Battery-less Flashlight.

The five labs are:

  • Lab one: Activate the Soapy Shooter to clean the graffiti off Mount Jumpmore.
  • Lab two: Activate the Inflatomatic Island Pump to save Frog Manor from sinking.
  • Lab three: Activate the Lake Liquefier to unfreeze the JumpStart Lake.
  • Lab four: Activate the Worm Vacuum to remove the worms from the schoolhouse.
  • Lab five: Activate the Snail Cage Trap to capture Dr. O in his hideout.

Digital manual description

Cjhouse game

Digital manual image

Game Play Instructions

Once you have all the gadget pieces on the list, you can go to the trouble spot in JumpStartville. Hopsalot needs you to set up the pieces to get his gadget to work! Can you fix the trouble spots? Frankie is counting on you, CJ, and Edison to get the job done. Selecting the space bar will pause your game. To resume, select the space bar again.


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