In the Woods of India is a song that appears in JumpStart Around the World.


In the Woods of India appears on a music CD that is a souvenir from India. Once the player has collected the souvenir, they can listen to the song by clicking on the souvenir in their scrapbook.

The song teaches a few Hindi words.


Atw woods of india


CJ, let's learn some words in Hindi!

It's one of the languages spoken in India!

Tiger chased the elephant tail

Through the woods in India

Elephant rumbled down the trail

Through the woods in India

If the tiger and elephant were friends,

We would call them dost!

Tiger sleeps in regal style,

In the woods of India

Elephant travels many a mile

In the woods of India

Hāthī means elephant!

Śer means tiger!

Song Credits

In the Woods of India is an original JumpStart song that was composed by Bruce Zimmerman, and was produced and mixed by Joel Gould, Edgar Gresores, and Jeff Zweig.

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