Not to be confused with Jack, a male mouse character of the same name

Jack is a male dog character who appeared in JumpStart Toddlers (1996).


Jack is a mostly white dog with one black ear and one black spot on his back. He has a black nose and black beady eyes.


Jack is friendly and fun-loving. He likes being fed or given toys and is very appreciative. He is best friends with Giggles the gopher.

In the Game

Jack appears in the Give the Dog a Bone activity. Here, he will ask the player for various items. The player uses the mouse to move the items over to him.


  • Jack's name is never mentioned in the game or its manual; in both he is only referred to as "the doggie". However, his name was revealed to be Jack on a webpage for Giggles' bio on the old JumpStart website.[1]


  1. JumpStart. (1998). The Home Page of Giggles the Gopher. Knowledge Adventure. Archived February 4, 1998. Retrieved July 24, 2017.

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