2r jewel room

A Jewel Room in Machu Picchu

2r word duel

A Jewel Room during the Word Duel activity

Jewel Rooms are locations in JumpStart Reading for Second Graders.

In the game, CJ and Edison must visit Jewel Rooms around the world to collect rubies and diamonds for their quest. There are five Jewel Rooms, one in each of following locations: Egypt, Machu Picchu, Atlantis, the Caves of Cumae, and Ayers Rock. The player must complete an activity before the Jewel Room can be unlocked.

The Jewel Rooms normally contain rubies. There are nine rubies in each Jewel Room, but only one can collected per visit. When the player has collected nine rubies from any of the Jewel Rooms, the next time they visit a Jewel Room, the appearance of the room will have changed, the and player will have to play the Word Duel activity in order to obtain a diamond instead.

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