The Jousting Arena is an activity in JumpStart Math for Second Graders. It is designed to teach addition and subtraction at a second grade level.


Math problems appear near the bottom of the screen. CJ will approach a set of three rings. A banner with a number is attached to each ring. The player must control CJ's lance and position it either up, down, or straight ahead to capture the ring with the correct answer to the math problem. There are ten rounds, and the player must get at least seven correct answers to complete the challenge.

Digital manual description

2m joust manual

Digital manual image

What's a castle without a joust? Out in the courtyard, jousting practice goes on all the time. Whenever you're challenged to joust, here's where you do it. The goal is to capture ten rings with your lance. But stay alert! It's going to take at least seven correct answers to win the challenge.

  • Look at the math problem presented on the screen. The answer will be found on one of the jousting rings.
  • Use your mouse to move your lance up or down on the screen, so you can capture the ring with the correct answer. Do the same for all the math problems you see.
  • When you have captured at least seven rings, you'll earn bravery points!

SKILLS: Adding, subtracting, regrouping.


  • This is the only game where no potion ingredients were awarded upon victory condition(Only Bravery Points)
  • Each ring represents 10% of academic skill (7 rings= 70% Passing level and 10 rings=100% Perfect Pass)

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