JumpStart 3D Virtual World is a title that encompasses a series of games in the JumpStart franchise. Previously, it was called JumpStart World and JumpStart World of Learning.

JumpStart 3D Virtual World CD Games

Four games have been released on CDs in the JumpStart 3D Virtual World series:

JumpStart 3D Virtual World Online Game

See main article: JumpStart 3D Virtual World (online game)

A massively multiplayer online game was initially released on March 10, 2009. Originally it was a single-player game, but on August 18, 2009, it became a multiplayer game. It is currently JumpStart's main focus, and continues to expand and gain new features.

JumpStart World Games

JumpStart World is a series of games for kindergarten to second grade released around the year 2006. Each version can be purchased on an individual CD, and starter kits could be downloaded from the Knowledge Adventure website. They are also part of the JumpStart 3D Virtual World series, although they retain the previous name from when it was still called JumpStart World.

JumpStart World of Learning Games

JumpStart World of Learning is a series of games for grades preschool to second grade released on September 28, 2010. In these games, the player explores different areas and plays games to unlock new content. They are also part of the JumpStart 3D Virtual World series, although they retain the previous name from when it was still called JumpStart World of Learning.


The JumpStart 3D Virtual World games focus on exploring 3D environments and completing tasks. The player creates an avatar, called a Jumpee, which they can customize. The Jumpee can be moved around the screeen with the arrow keys, or in some cases, the mouse. Players can edit their Jumpeez' hair, eyes, mouth, skin color, clothing, and accessories.

As the player explores the JumpStart world, they can meet different characters and play a variety of activities. The player can also take on missions assigned to them. Completing missions earns the player JumpStars and coins. The player moves up in rank by earning JumpStars. The player can also earn coins by playing activities or completing missions, which can then be used to make purchases.

The games take place in their own setting, which is distinct from the other JumpStart games. Previous games often took place in JumpStartville. The JumpStart 3D Virtual World games take place in JumpStart World, and they feature recurring characters and locations.


The games feature a central cast of seven characters:

Other characters:



Promotional artwork

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