Producer: Jon Silver

Associate Producer: Gary Mahan

Executive Producer: Kathy Bucklin

Director of Development: Bernadette Gonzalez

Vice President, Knowledge Adventure: Leslie House

Lead Programmer: Danny Hendargo

Activity Programmers: Luz Echeverria, Karen Haugland, Steve Meinel, Patricia Snow

Lead Artist: Megumi Itoh

Lead Animator: Brent Whittington

Illustrators: Delphine Louie, Nic Iacovetti

FunnyBone Background Illustration: Phil Staub, Lead Artist; Jim Heine, Nigel Foo

Animators: Roz Gibson, Glenn Seidel, Brian Reynolds

* JumpStart All-Stars Team *

Sr. Producer & Writer: Diana Rathe Pray

Lead Programmer: Patricia Snow

Lead 3D Animator: Kevin Price

Associate Producer: Craig Zaich

* Shared Features Team *

Producer: Brenda Lindsay

Sr. Producer: Diana Rathe Pray

* Production *

Creative Director: Marcela Cabrera

Animation Director: Tom Klein

Illustration Director: Ellen Kirk

Art Director of 3D Development: Chris Williams

Technical Executive: Miguel Canales

Director of Application Programming: Ron Bacica

Artists Alexander Derrick, Will Burns, Briar Mitchell, Dan Cady, Jon Foulk, Richard Sternberg

* Engineering *

Director of Programming: Matthew From

Install Programmer: Gina Schmitz

Additional Programming: Miguel Canales, Matt Versweyveld, Rick Juang

Systems Programmers: Kristine Sato, Richard Parker, Thomas Su

Manager, Technical Development: Bryen Aoyama

Graphic Technician / Technical Developer: Bill Fischer

Director of Content & Editorial Services: Faye Schwartz

Content Editors: Joe Skelley, Pamela Blanford

Documention and Layout: Cathy Johnson

Educational Consultants: June Ikegami-Lew, Vicky Reyes

Multiple Intelligences Advisor: David Lazear

Educational Advisor: Erin Lewis

Dialogue Writing: Jon Silver, Doria Biddle, Tommi Johnson

* Sound and Video *

Director of Sound and Video: Christian Johnson

Lead Sound Designer, Dialogue Engineer: Rich Seitz

Additional Sound Design: Bo Bennike, Jim Leitch

Dialogue Editing: Andrea Toyias

Video Producers: Gopika Sharma, Mo Stoebe

Casting and Voice Direction: Tom Keegan

Character Voices:

Music Composition, Lyrics, Song Arrangements, and Production: Tom Zehnder, Bo Bennike, DeWolfe

JumpStart Kindergarten Opening Song "Rev It Up"

Written and Produced by: Tom Zehnder

Sung by: Vickie Bottelson, Lead; Lori Boone and Tom Zehnder, backing vocals


  • Laura Kass - Violin
  • Aniela Perry - Cello and Upright
  • Bass
  • David Weiss - Oboe
  • Mike Boggio - Drums
  • Rich Seitz - Drums
  • Tom Zehnder - Electric Guitar and Electric Bass
  • Steve Kutay - Tenor Saxophone

Kid Chorus: Andrea Bowen, Cameron Bowen, Ali Eagle, Ember Knight

* Quality Assurance *

Director of Quality Assurance: Stuart Hay

Quality Assurance Brand Manager: James Galloway

Quality Assurance Leads: Rey Castillo, Linda Maier

Quality Assurance Testers Cameron Austin, Don Carroll, Andrew Dank, Emad Farraj, David Frischling, Willy Guerrero, Glenn Gregory, Charles Hall, Daniel Lee, Juliet Nimmo, Mayra Orellana, Linda Quinlan, Jon-Paul Walton, Jane Williams, Clark Wyatt

Configuration Engineers: Afolabi Akibola, Mark Jihanian, Robert Gardner, Jason Perry, Michael Thibeau

Technical Support: Eric Remigio, Mike Smith, Christopher Wilson

Product Certification: Benjamin Chan, Trent Cline, Randy Linch, Chris Rooker, Cyra Talton, Brandon Valdez, Alex Zherdev

* JumpStart Marketing *

Director of Marketing: Al Simone

Project Manager: Shawna Meek

Packaging - Creative Director: Kathy Carter

Packaging - Creative Manager: Kristy Cheng

Packaging - Associate Graphic Designer: Miae Kim

Account Supervisor: Mary Moffitt

Packaging Design: Hamagami Carroll & Associates

Brand Marketing Coordinator: Elizabeth Hapke

Market Research Specialists: Irene Lane, Miriam Bishay

Special Thanks: Michael Caradonna, John Coke, Jackie Decker, Andrew Dunn, Tommi Johnson, Jennifer Johnson

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