JumpStart Animal Adventures is a personal computer game released in 2002. It teaches skills about nature, animals, and habitats for ages four and up. It was also re-released as JumpStart Animal Field Trip in the JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten bundle starting in 2003.

It can be considered as something of a sister game to JumpStart Explorers, as both feature fairly similar features, the same main characters, and a focus on a particular subject.

It was also released with Chick-fil-A Kids' Meals as part of a promotion.



In this game, players enter Frankie's Animal Habitat Contest, advertised on TV and in JumpStart Habitat Magazine. Players travel to four different habitats: The tide pool, the savanna, the rain forest, and the temperate forest.

In each location, the user must fill out Contest Sheets and complete mini-games. Whenever an animal is clicked, it will explain various facts about itself. Some animals also have mini-games associated with them, and some animals have songs associated with them.

The Contest Sheets consist of pages containing blank spaces for 6 photos, each blank space labeled with an animal descriptor such as "Carnivore" or "Makes its own shell". The user must take photos of animals that match the descriptions and place them in the correct spaces.

After finding all the animals, completing all the mini-games, and filling out the Contest Sheets, the player will receive a reward. The player can collect stickers and craft ideas to print out.

There are three difficulty levels.





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