JumpStart Crazy Karts is a JumpStart game released for the Wii by Knowledge Adventure in 2011.[1] It was initially sold for $19.99.

JumpStart Crazy Karts is a racing game. The player competes in races, and steers karts around tracks while collecting points and power-ups to help them win. Unlike the majority of JumpStart games, there is no educational content.


The game features single-player and multi-player game play. The multi-player mode supports up to four players.

There are five types of races: Single Race, Knockout, Time Attack, Collection, and Grand Prix.

There are sixteen possible characters to choose from, some of which have to be unlocked first. There are multiple karts choices for each character. Each kart has four qualities: speed, weight, acceleration, and handling. After the player chooses their kart, they will be prompted to select one of three difficulty levels.

There are four different racing locations: the Snowy Peak, the Egyptian Ruins, the Dinosaur Canyon, and the Danger Reef. Each location has three tracks.

The player can receive medals for finishing in first, second, or third place.


Note: Italicized characters are unlockable.

  • Frankie
  • Hopsalot
  • CJ
  • Eleanor
  • Kisha
  • Pierre
  • Ivy (unplayable)
  • Petz
    • Rag Doll (Missy)
    • Teddy Bear (Roosevelt)
    • Skeley
    • Dog Tough (Scraps)
    • Ninja Pink or Pink Ninja (Katana)
    • Ninja (Sly)
    • Mummy
    • Dark Knight (Chivalric)
    • Dino (Mech)
    • Jack (Seedless)


  • The game's title was decided by fans on a poll hosted by the JumpStart Blog.[2]
  • The manual has a mistake on page 6. It says knockout races are only playable in single player mode, but actually time attack races are only in single player mode.
  • The Petz are given different names than in the online game; e.g. Scraps is called Dog Tough, Roosevelt is called Teddy Bear, and Mech is called Dino.
  • Ivy, Blade, and Buttons are shown to be playable when they're not.



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