JumpStart Dino Adventure: Field Trip is game released by Knowledge Adventure for the Game Boy Color in 2001. It focuses on preschool and kindergarten concepts.

In this game, Frankie is sent back to the time of the dinosaurs using the Time Machine. He meets a mother pterodactyl, whose eggs have disappeared. Frankie goes on an adventure to help her recover the five lost pterodactyl eggs.


  • Frankie (Playable Character)
  • Hopsalot (Seen in the Opening Scene)
  • CJ (Seen in the Opening Scene)


  • Dino Driver - Move your dinosaur left and right as it runs down the path. Three dinosaurs will appear in front of you with letters on their backs. Bump into the dinosaurs in alphabetical order.
  • Dino Bop - Bop the dinosaurs with hats that match the one in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Brain-O-Saur - Flip the tiles to make matches. Match two tiles with the same letter.
  • Feeding Time - Feed the dinosaurs across the river by throwing fruit to them. Fruits with numbers on them will appear in the river. Each dinosaur has a bubble above its head with a number inside. Throw the dinosaur the fruit that matches the its number.

Educational Concepts

  • Alphabetical Order
  • Numbers
  • Matching
  • Memory