Producers: Barton Listick, Paul Stroube, Sari Gilbert

Design: Barton Listick

Art, Animation, & Art Direction: Bonnie Bright

Lead Programmer: Oliver Capio

Additional Programming: Miguel Canales, Ken Coleman, LeVon Karayan, Barton Listick

Cleanup Artist: Lisa Beachler

Educational Consultant: Karen Listick

Children's Songs: Mark Beckwith

MIDI Music: © Voyetra Technologies Inc.

Character Voices: Tony Pope

Marketing Managers: Leslie Cutchen, Don Keane

Quality Assurance Lead: Len D' Ambrosio

Quality Assurance Team: Marcee Kleinman, Raymond Plows, Joseph Horowitz, JP Olah, Jim Filipeli, Adam Ryan, Virginia Allbritton, Mark Salsman, Lance Biggs, Larry Gross, Raymond Plows, JaíNien Thompson, Jai Chowhan

Documentation: Naren Renz

Special Thanks To: Elyce Feld, Betty Hulteen, The Learman Family, Bill Gross, Heather Mlodinow

Song Credits

ABC With Harmony: Traditional - adapted by M. Beckwith © 1993 M. Beckwith

Monkeys Playing Everywhere: Words and music by M. Beckwith © 1993 M. Beckwith

The Mud Song, Anatomy, and Doing What the Animals Do: Words and music by M. Beckwith © 1993 M. Beckwith

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