Producer: Kalea Chapman

Executive Producer: Bernadette Gonzalez

Designers: Barton Listick, Karen Listick, JumpStart Kindergarten Team

Associate Producer: Chris Watson

Production Manager: Cathleen Warren

Lead Programmer: Oliver Capio

Programmer: Askar Baudun

Engine Programmers: Miguel Canales, Ken Coleman, Dave Schuyler

Additional Programming: Robert Karanfilian, LeVon Karayan

Lead Artist: Bonnie Williams

Animation Supervisor & Animator: Richard Sternberg

Animators: Bryon Carson, Richard Turke, Bonnie Williams

Art Assistants: Sylvia Cziglenyi, Victor Steinbacher

Concept Paintings: Bonnie Williams

Additional Animation: Class 6 Entertainment, Chris Palitz

Writer: Robert Nash

Additional Writing: Shelly Group, Inc.

Digital Music by: Randy Hale and Bill Severance

Children's Songwriter: Mark Beckwith

Musicians and Vocalists: Mark Beckwith, Glynnis Campbell, Bob Selvin, Kelly Moneymaker, David Goldstein, Graham Beckwith, Julie Chrenow,Richard Campbell, Dillon Beckwith, The Wagon Wheel School children

Songs Recorded by: Red Productions Audio and Building Block Entertainment

Sound Supervisor: Dave Atherton

Sounds Effects Editors: Dave Atherton, Dana Norwood, Greg Sais, Eric Vega

Sounds Editors: Greg Sais, Eric Vega, Dialogue Recording, Halesong Recording

Character Voices: Tony Pope, Michael Stern, Tally Briggs

Quality Assurance Manager: Raymond Plows

Quality Assurance Lead: Mark Torres

Quality Assurance Team: Gerardo Araujo: Jeffrey Hoover, Larry Leyretana, Doug Ricci, Andrew Vongkavivathanakul

Quality Assurance Systems Engineer: J. P. Olah

Teachers Panel: Eleise Carson, Jennifer Engel, Barbra J. Erdman, Kelley O'Driscoll, Suzanne Leff Ordesky

Product Marketing Manager: Greg Canessa, Director of Marketing, Steve Tortelani

Packaging Manager: Kristy Cheng

Market Research Specialist: Irene Lane

Documentation Manager: Cathy Johnson

Documentation Writer: Mark Pavlakovich

Electronic Documentation: Kathleen Krebsbach

Special Thanks: Miguel Canales, Gregory Clary, Ann Quesinberry, Leslie Cutchen, Ja'Nien Thompson

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