JumpStart Phonics Learning System, also simply known as JumpStart Phonics is a game released by Knowledge Adventure in 1999 as part of the JumpStart Subjects sub-series. It teaches beginning reading skills for ages 3-6.

In this game, the player goes to Camp Readalot and plays activities to earn 26 Alphabetical Merit badges. The game utilizes "Read 'n' Respond" speech recognition technology, so players can use a microphone to sound out letters and words and receive feedback. There is also a toolbar.



  • Vowel Bees - Help the bees find the correct hive by choosing the correct vowel or vowel blend. Pierre is the Host of this Activity.
  • River Raft - Find the letter(s) that Casey asks for.
  • Totem Pole - Find the consonant or consonant blend that the totem poles ask for. Kisha is the Host of this Activity.
  • Storybook Cave - Choose the correct letter to complete the word, or the correct word to complete the sentence. Eleanor is the Host of this Activity.



- Kisha sang all the songs because of Grey Delisle, voiced of Kitty from Danger Rangers.

Educational Concepts

  • Phonics
  • Letter Recognition
  • Short and Long Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Letter Blends
  • Digraphs
  • Spelling
  • Rhyming





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