JumpStart Pre-K Theme Song

Are you ready to learn

Are you ready to play

In a totally new

And wonderful way?

Then hop on the bus

You'll be glad you did

Come along with us

Be a Jumpstart Pre-K kid

Carousel Song

All the horses

On the carousel

Go up and down

And around and around

Bakery Song

Come to the bakery

Buy a cake

Buy a roll, buy a cookie

Watch the bakers bake

Airport Song


Reach for the sky

Take off from the airport

Bye bye

Park Song

When the sun is shining on a beautiful day

It's time to play in the park

Fire Station Song

Climb, climb, fire truck

Firemen shout

Let's go put this fire out

Diner Song

Everybody knows

That nothing could be finer

Than breakfast, lunch, or dinner

In the diner

Barbershop Song

Does your hair keep growing

And it never seems to stop?

Get yourself a haircut

In the barbershop

Clothing Store Song

Let's go to the clothing store

I'll help you choose

A coat and a hat

And a new pair of shoes

Toy Shop Song

Well I can't think of anything

That I like more

Than to go for a visit

To the toy store

Construction Site Song

Bulldozer digging

A hole in the ground

There's a building going up

In our town

Families Song

Families come in different colors

Some have sisters, some have brothers

Grandmas, grandpas, cousins too

Some of them even look like you

Families come in different sizes

And families sometimes have surprises

Credits Song


Song long

And keep singing a happy song

Thanks for coming

Oh I'm so glad you did

You'll always be

a JumpStart kid

Bye bye

For now

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