Lori Fitzpatrick

Executive Producer

Kathy Bucklin

Director of Development

Cathy Siegel

VP of Knowledge Adventure

Leslie House


Rick Juang

Technical Developer

Bryen Aoyama

Lead Artist

Nic Iacovetti

Lead Animator

Tracy Reynolds

Art Director

Tom Klein

Director of Application Programming

Ron Bacica

Director of Programming

Matthew From

Manager, Technical Development

Bryen Aoyama

Install Programmer

Gina Schmitz

Additional Programming

Kristine Sato

Richard Parker

Thomas Su

Tools Programmer

Sam Wright

Director of Content & Editorial Services

Faye Schwartz

Documentation and Layout

Cathy Johnson

Director of Sound and Video

Christian Johnson


Costume Frankie

Dan Froot

Frankie's Friends

Briana Di Giacomo, Jeffery Noah

Voice of Frankie

Dee Bradley Baker

Video Production Crew


Gopika Sharma


Tom Keegan

Concept Visualization

Tom Keegan

Mo Stoebe

Gopika Sharma


Gopika Sharma

Effects Compositor

Mo Stoebe

Set Consultant

Victoria Paul

Set Designer

Nic Iacovetti

Set Builder/Supervisor

John Collins


Peter Nesmith

Assistant Director

Gopika Sharma

Camera Operators

Mo Stoebe

Steve Heuer

Lighting Director

Steve Heuer


David (Doogie) Wilder Jr.

Rich Seitz

Steve Kutay


Deron Tse

Prop Handler

Bo Bennike

Sound Playback

Tom Zehnder

Script Supervisor/Continuity

Andrea Toyias

Wardrobe and Makeup

Lori Fitzpatrick


Steve Kutay

Craft Services

Sasha Gross

Studio Teacher

Chris Canute


Music Arranger/Producer

Tom Zehnder

"Jump Into Jumpstart", "Listen Everybody"

Words and Music by Tom Zehnder

"Look Around You"

Words by Diana Pray and Tom Zehnder


Dee Bradley Baker

Tom Zehnder

Mollie Rae Craig

Samantha Macisso

Zach Whipkey


Tom Zehnder

Steve Kutay

Rich Seitz

Mike Boggio

Director of Quality Assurance

Stuart Hay

QA Brand Manager

Wladia Summers

QA Supervisors

Michael Gonzales

QA Project Lead

Willy Guerrero

QA Assoc. Lead

Linda Quinlan

QA Testers

Don Carroll

Mayra Orellana

Juliet Nimmo

Linda Maier

Cameron Austin

Matt Jensen

Ben Hines

Fausto Lorenzano

Kevin Jackson

Vincent Delupio

QA Configuration Lab

Afolabi Akibola

Jason Perry

Mark Jihanian

Robert Gardner

VP of Marketing

Ed Zobrist

Director of Marketing

Al Simone

Associate Brand Manager

Allison Massey

Special Thanks

Bernadette Gonzalez

John Zehnder

Gary Mahan

Craig Zaich

Tommi Johnson

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