JumpStart Spanish is a subject-based JumpStart game developed by Funnybone Interactive and released by Knowledge Adventure in 1997. It is intended to teach basic Spanish for ages 3-6.

In the game, the player joins Hopsalot in his clubhouse and plays various activities that teach Spanish.

Level one is "Explore," and level two is "Game."

In the United Kingdom, In Europe, the game is named Jump Ahead French and was modified to teach French instead of Spanish.


In the videos

  • José/Michael (the one who appears in all segments in every video and an electric blanket and asks certain questions to either of the other characters)
  • Rosa/Jennifer (a green snake)
  • Juan/Chris (a jester)
  • María/Lisa (a blonde clown)
  • Luis/David (a blue dragon)


  • Find characters in different locations in the city.
  • Explore a house and play hide-and-seek with mice.
  • Paint with Hopsalot.
  • Help a bear get dressed by clicking on the correct clothing.
  • Play a matching game.
  • Listen to the number that is spoken, then move the correct number of items to the shelf.
  • Watch videos.


Aquarium - Choosing a fish requires five gold stars. The player is automatically directed there if he or she has earned his or her fifth gold star.

Educational Concepts


  • Vocabulary
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Colors
  • Phrases


  • Frankie appears on the box art of JumpStart Spanish starting in 2003, but still never appears in the game itself.
  • The European Jump Ahead French box art uses Hopsalot's Advanced design, with his fur colored grey.
  • Some features that are clicked on have a man speaking the Spanish word, and a woman speaking its English counterpart (the closet, the dollhouse's bedroom, the dollhouse's living room, the magician's picture, and the Franken-body poster); some have it the other way around (the toy town, colors, dollhouse's bathroom, and dollhouse's kitchen).




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